Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Lace & Whiskey Christmas Time Is Here Promo Video

I just love this song and I don’t care it’s not Christmas.  I thought it needed a promo video so I made one.  The quality of the footage is variable as it came from different sources.  It was quite a challenge to match up the video to the music.  This is what Lace & Whiskey had to say via Facebook; “I like it Lee. Our first fan made video, yay! Thing is it also includes snippets of all members past, present and dep that have played with us. Great:-).”

Sonic Media Productions Promo Video

Encounter In Stamford

I came across some cool free Green Screen effects and I wanted to better familiarise myself with so software I had recently purchased (Director Zone 12).  I have other video editing software but I got this because it seemed to offer professional grade features combined with a more user-friendly interface.

Any way to cut a long story short – “Encounter In Stamford” is the result!  It’s I guess Sonic Media Productions first Doctor Who fan video.  Although it was kind of unintentional, as it wasn’t planned and simply makes use of some old video footage of me and my Wife Charlotte taken in Stamford.  But I kind of thought the end result was pretty cool any way.  So here it is – enjoy!

Sonic Media Productions latest Epic.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014



This is a recipe I found and want to try-out:


Serves 5-6

  • 1kg diced beef
  • Cupful diced onion
  • Cupful diced celery
  • Cupful diced leek
  • Cupful diced carrot
  • Pinch mixed herbs
  • 2 ltrs of beef demi glaze
  • Seasoning
  • 1 can of GUINNESS® Draught

“It's the number one seller in GUINNESS® STOREHOUSE® restaurant and it's sure to satisfy any appetite. Get the lads around to watch the match. Get a big pot on the table. And watch it disappear as they help themselves.”

Gently fry off the diced beef in the butter for 5-6 mins till brown, then add the vegetables and cook for another 5-6 mins. Add the herbs and season with salt and pepper. Add the demi glaze and cover. Slow cook for 60 to 90 minutes. Add the GUINNESS® and stir. Season and serve with champ potato, roast carrot and parsnip. This should give 5-6 portions.


Adding the GUINNESS® near the end of cooking lends the stew a creamy, velvety taste. Just drop the GUINNESS® in and watch the stew come alive!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Doctor Who Open Titles Eye Of Omega

I’m working on a Doctor Who fan film called The Eye Of Omega.  This is a rough demo for a possible opening titles I made.  I should also give Manservantpablo a shout for the 3D Tardis modle used in this video.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Regards Doctor Who Deep Freeze

I would like to give my apologies to WD Stevens of illusionist productions. I made a few errors in my last post and one of the mistakes I made is I forgot to include a link back to the official illusionist productions page. Illusionist productions can be found here:

I thought rather than edit my entry on my blog I would write a fresh entry. I would like to personally thank WD Stevens for his patients, as the recording of my lines didn’t run smoothly. This was mainly because I was having trouble with obtaining high enough quality sound on the recording of my lines.

However we managed to overcome any setbacks and production was completed. The end results I think you will agree has made this project extremely worthwhile.

I have also got plans for a new audio podcast interview/chat show that’ll be available on sound cloud called “Lee chats with”. WD Stevens has agreed to be interviewed for a future podcast. Watch this space for further updates.

The Doctor is captured by an alien entity leaving Luna and Penelope stranded on Earth in the mid-90s. But that isn't the least of their worries. A mad pack of dogs is terrorising South London and even UNIT don't know what to do and the only person who could know for sure is being held in a terrible icy prison.

Written by W.D. Stevens & Tom Denham

Directed by W.D. Stevens

Incidental Music by W.D. Stevens

Theme Arr. Ned Warren

Tom Denham (The Doctor), Nari Riis (Luna),
Elice Rebecca (Penelope), Jessica Hayden (The Empress/Prof. Dreyford),
W.D. Stevens (Col. Theodore), Lee Smith (Cpt. Manson),
Mitchell Smith (Mr. Tes Heat)

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Doctor Who in the comic strips!



Recently I’ve been doing some research into the world of comic strips for Doctor Who. I remember with great fondness the fourth doctor in the TV Comic. Now I know, these comic strips are not held with great regard. Course it’s very easy to either be blinded by nostalgia. At the same time I feel very strongly that we need to look at these comic strips as a product of their time, rather than compare them to modern day comic strips. I was extremely surprised to find a wealth of information about these old comic strips on the Internet.

During my research I also discovered some interesting sites; one that particularly excited me was a blog. There hasn’t been any post at this blog for some time, however I found it quite interesting to read and it includes many posts which includes all/most the Dalek stories that featured in the TV Comic. Sure TV Comic may have deviated from the established canon of the TV show; for one thing the Doctor seemingly had a cottage. Also notably the Doctor wasn’t as likeable and sexiest, more so than he’d ever been on television. The other main criticism is that many of the comic strips featured a poor standard of artwork in comparison to modern, strips. Nonetheless I, like many children have extremely fond memories of these, and in the 1970s they were pretty typical.

Doctor Who Deep Freeze coming soon!

About a week ago, a trailer was released for a new Doctor Who fan audio. Of course you may think to yourself. What’s so great about that? Well for one thing it features me as Captain Manson. I’m a pretty proud to have been asked to voice this role. It’s been a number of years since I have to any always acting work for any fan audios. It’s called Deep Freeze, and is written by WD Stevens of illusionist productions. Here it is the trailer I hope you enjoy. Illusionist productions can be found here:

Doctor Who deep Freeze Trailer:

Entry update Doctor Who Deep Freeze has been released, after a short delay and must say it was well worth waiting for.  I'm really pleased with the end result, and think WD Stevens has done a fantastic job especially with the soundtrack score.

Doctor Who Deep Freeze Full Story:

Deep Freeze cover